this is the definition of human trash

Obliterate this boy

I literally can’t stand his fucking cow face

Although I don’t agree with him, you guys shouldn’t be bullying him so bad. You say bullying is bad and the death of the nation, but then do it back? Doesn’t make sense.

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u know when u cold n ur nipnops go hard. why my titty betray me

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call me super glue cause holy shit do i get attached

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wheres the customize button for my face

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Meet the faces of the “I’m Sorry” campaign, a group of Christians who go to Chicago’s pride celebrations every year to apologize for their past hateful actions against LGBT people. The group started in 2010 and has since moved to other cities across the world. This is what love looks like. (via the Advocate

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When women get behind something, their sheer numbers and passion force it into the mainstream. That’s why you can name the actor who plays that werewolf kid in “Twilight” and probably sing at least the chorus to one Justin Bieber song. What do tween boys like? I have no clue. Sports? Probably sports.


tumblr kinda forces u to get educated on things bc otherwise u wont be able to participate in or understand dash topics

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imagine how different your life would be if you had complete and unrestricted access to all the clothes you wanted and no limitations on wearing them

imagine how confident everyone would be. it’d be beautiful 

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